Guest Post (Job Search 3.0): How To Make A Pinterest Resume

How To Make A Pinterest Resume

I wrote a 2-piece series, “Pinterest for Job Seekers” on Job Search 3.0, a blog run by Natasha Gaiski. Thank you, Natasha, for allowing me to guest post on your wonderful blog!

This is Part 2 in the series. Please read Part 1 for 5 Tips for Job Seekers Using Pinterest.

Here is an excerpt of the post:

As I discussed in Part 1 of this series, 5 Tips for Job Seekers Using Pinterest, Pinterest has uses beyond sharing recipes and makeup tutorials (two of my favorite pinning topics!). Along with the tips I gave in the previous post, I’d also suggest creating a Pinterest resume.

A Pinterest resume is exactly what it sounds like – your resume posted in a pinnable version.

Obviously, a Pinterest resume (or resume, for simplicity’s sake) isn’t right for everyone, but it can help you showcase your accomplishments in a more engaging way. An NBC Today article calls them “living resumes,” illustrating your personality and accomplishments in a more engaging, visually-appealing manner than using a standard paper resume.

Here is my Pinterest resume:

You can tailor a resume board to a specific company or position, such as this fantastic example from Jeanne Hwang (this inspired me to start my own Pinterest resume!), targeted towards Pinterest (how meta is that??).

If you want to broaden your scope a bit, as I did, you can create a more generalized resume by following these steps. 


Please head over to Job Search 3.0 to read my Steps to Create a Pinterest Resume, and go back to read Part 1 to get 5 Tips for Job Seekers Using Pinterest!

Time to hand the mic over to you – what do you think about using Pinterest in your job search? What do you think about Pinterest resumes? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share your Pinterest resumes below!


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